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Most refugee claimants
have endured significant hardship
before arriving in Canada
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Today another 32,000 people
will risk their lives fleeing home
to escape conflict and war

-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-

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Most refugees seeking asylum in Canada
come because they have no other safe choice
Everyone deserves respect and
a fair chance to a life of dignity
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Refugee status determination is an inherently difficult process.
The strict current deadlines put claimants in vulnerable
positions and can lead to a loss of basic human dignity
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According to the United Nations, there are over 16 million refugees worldwide.
That’s more than half of Canada’s population

Inland Refugee Society is a charity dedicated to providing refugee claimants with essential services in British Columbia

The Inland Refugee Society of BC (IRS-BC) is a non-profit, non-governmental agency dedicated to assisting families and individuals seeking refuge in Metro Vancouver, BC.

When refugee claimants arrive, Inland Refugee Society is often their first point of contact. While their claim is being processed, we ensure that their immediate needs are taken care by providing refugee claimants with housing assistance, ESL and life skills classes, a weekly food bank, and other services.

IRS-BC which has been operating since 1984 is one of the oldest refugee serving agencies in BC, and is committed to helping newcomers while respecting their human rights and dignity.

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Purpose of IRS-BC

Basic Needs

Providing or arranging for basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

Orientation & Information

Providing orientation and information about life in Canada and making referrals where applicable

Creating Awareness

Raise awareness of refugee issues around the world and Canada.

Housing a Refugee ?

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