New Computer Donations to Improve Refugee Services from Free Geek

Inland Refugee Society of BC has gratefully received a much-needed addition to our team: two new refurbished computers, courtesy of FreeGeek.

The new computers will help improve the services we provide for our clients without taking away from what limited resources we have, and will also serve as a useful aid as our clients adapt to life in Vancouver.  The computers will be used for various needs, such as making resumes, searching for a house, looking up services and directions in the city, emailing, doing paperwork, and more.

Through the computers, we would be able to help refugee claimants help themselves, as we teach them to navigate Canadian services online, and offer a safe space for refugee claimants to utilize this resource.

For refugee claimants, the value of having access to technology and information cannot be ignored.  According to UNHCR, communications technologies, which includes computers and mobile devices, provides refugees access to learning and employment opportunities.  This provides a sense of normalcy to their lives and allows them to participate in local markets and the global economy.

And so we would like to use this space to thank FreeGeek for their generous donation and continuous service to the community.

FreeGeek is a nonprofit organization that reuses and recycles donated technology and gives it back to the community to reduce waste and support sustainability.  As new donations go through their door, they take apart the electronics pieces for recycling, or refurbish the computers or electronics for reuse.  Through their thrift store, free tech support nights and training programs, they seek to empower people by providing access to technology and facilitating people’s knowledge and self-sufficiency in handling electronics and computer technology.

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